How to travel with SUSY

      Browse the menu to get to know the many kinds of different initiatives of Social and Solidarity Economy in Europe. Using the filter menu, you can focus the search on distinct fields of activity according to your interests. The advanced filter mode beneath the menu allows you to combine different search keys. Gain an overview of the initiatives’ local distribution by navigating the map, learn about them and find contact information and weblinks with just one click on the initiative's icon.

      The SUSY-MAP is a collaboration of SUSY and the mapping collective TransforMap increasing the visibility of the Social and Solidarity Economy in Europe and worldwide. Its mission is to showcase and strengthen the movement of practical alternative economics as well as the initiatives which implement and apply diverse forms of social, sustainable and equitable economic principles aside from the mainstream capitalistic paradigm. “There are Plenty of Alternatives. Let´s make them visible”.

      Ova internetska stranica nastala je uz financijsku pomoć Europske unije. Sadržaj internetske stranice isključiva je odgovornost SUSY inicijative i ni pod kojim uvjetima ne odražava stavove Europske unije.